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The Benue State University Teaching Hospital has continued to demonstrate its abilities in the area of performance of uncommon surgeries. The most recent of such surgeries was the one performed on Terkimbi Kaase, a two year old boy who had a tumor on his tongue.

Speaking with BSUTHNews, a Pediatric Surgeon, Prof. Francis Uba who performed the operation explained that the tumor was caused by a medical condition known as Ranula, usually found in both children and adults, but most common in children.

He explained further that the condition is caused by a blockage of the pipe that drains the glands that provide saliva or can occur when the pipe that carries fluid in the body is blocked which occurs during the formative stage of a child.

The surgeon who expressed surprise over the severity of Terkimbi kaase’s case said the swelling under his tongue was pushing it towards the floor of the mouth and could have resulted to blockage of his respiratory track which could have choked him to death in few days.

Prof Uba who described the procedure as successful commended BSUTH and public spirited individuals who swung into action by drawing the necessary attention that led to the child’s receiving the needed medical attention.

He frowned at the act where some parents abandon children that are born with abnormalities and emphasised that such children were also normal.
He expressed his resolution to partner with BSUTH to create awareness to fight such practices.

The Professor of pediatric Surgery called on parents and maternal homes to always examine children to detect abnormalities saying the earlier they are detected, the better the chances of handling them.


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